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Also available:

Banana Cake 250 baht

Lemon Cheesecake 1050 baht

Pandan Custard Cake 350 baht

Butter Cupcakes 600 baht

Carrot Cupcakes 650 baht

Coconut Macaroons 400 baht for 48 cookies

Georgia Peanut Cookies 400 baht for 30 cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies 450 baht for 30 cookies

Hawaiian Oatmeal Cookies 350 baht for 30 cookies

Pecan Oatmeal Cookies 450 baht for 30 cookies

Whole Wheat Bread 75 baht

White Bread 75 baht


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You also can find us here.

Decorated Birthday cakes. Please call our bakery for different designs.

Light Blue Cake Light Green Cake
Chocolate Cake Dark Blue Cake

All proceeds from the Tamar Bakery go towards supporting these women and the work of Tamar Center.